3D Design – Time


“The last watch I wore felt like a handcuff. When I need to know the time, I check my cell phone” –Regina Brett

This quote relates to my design because Idon’t like to wear watches because it is uncomfortable . For my 3D design, I created a cellphone because that’s the way I view time.


Art Criticism


“Evening : Landscape with an Aqueduct ” by Theodore Gericault , 1818

Principles of Design:

The emphasis in this art piece is that the bridge and the aqueduct underneath it are emphasized because there is more light on some objects compared to other objects in the art piece. There is unity/ balance in this art piece because, for example the light brings everything together like the sky,the mountains, the bridge, the aqueduct, and the houses. The shapes in this art piece are all organic . There is also movement and rhythm in this art piece because you can see the water in the aqueduct moving and flowing. There is contrast for example there is a lot of emphasis on light and its opposite would be that the top right of art piece it’s really dark and cloudy. The repetition in this art piece is that there’s repetition and patterns of light bouncing off into the water and shining on the plants another pattern is usage of the plants themselves. The variety in this painting would ┬ábe how certain spots on the art piece has more light and others don’t so theres a variety of light.